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Blue River Trout Fishing in November
The boys and I went to Blue River for some Veteran Day trout fishing. It was beautiful, the day temperature was perfect, the nights were kinda cold, but we survived and had a great time.

Misc pics of my youth
I got some old photo albums out, picked some of the photos of my youth and scanned them. Enjoy them and if you laugh at any of them, well then I guess I would have to do the same. You may see some of your own memories in the backgrounds of the pictures, like a Dr. Pepper bottle that I got at the fair, my Yorx stereo system, and other funny stuff.

Chelsi's Newly remodeled room
In it's previous state, it was pretty, but "age" happens and tastes change. So if you want to see her room before the new remodelAfter lots of hard work then click here. After lots of hard work removing wallpaper, scraping ceiling, patching walls, replacing ceiling fan, painting ceiling and walls and trim and cleaning up and placing new furniture in the room. Wheeeuuuuu ok, gotta stop to rest. Oh yea and then taking new photos and pushing them to see, so here ya go. Click here.

Jennifer and Cade Carr Wedding
The wedding was held at Las Tiendas in Amarillo, Texas on Saturday, August 6th. It was a perfect day for an outside wedding and some outside reception dancing and "party'ing".

Blue River - Dads and Sons Trip
Will and I took the boys trout fishing to Blue River on the first weekend of April, 2005. Here are the pics, the boys had a super time and caught some nice size trout too!

Master Bathroom Remodel Project
At Christmas, we had a little plumbing problem, that turned out to be a cause for a major remodel of our master bathroom, in the process, we found mold in the walls around the shower, and many other things, but it is all looking quite nice, project is not done, but coming together nicely. We are doing all the work ourselves, saves alot of money that way, and maybe I can talk Edi into letting me finally buy a new TV with the money we saved....

New Year in Texas 2004
Took the family to Texas to bring in the New Year, December, 2004. Lots of family, food and fun and loud noises, card and domino games, relatives acting silly.

Our December Carnival Cruise
Well our cruise was totally awesome, I pushed out photos every night from the cruise ship. We had some windy and cool days, but it was such a nice trip. We are planning on taking the kids on the next one, or maybe just heading straight to the beach minus the cruise, but I think the kids would love it.

Blue river fishing trip with my Dad
My dad and I met at Blue river for some quality time together and for some pre trout season fishing, the fish were not doing much, but we had a great time just talking and swimming in the river.

Grandad Jr's Funeral and Family Together
Here are some photos of the Carr family in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. We had the funeral and just spent some time together enjoying each other. Letting the cousins play together and remembering.

A little collection of backgrounds for any desktop
These background images are either collected, designed, modified or sent to me. You can use them any way you want, if any of them are protected, then let me know and I will remove or modify them.